In addition to their batlike ears and adorable eyes, the French bulldog’s vibrant coat is another defining characteristic. Unfortunately, most dog breeds lose their fur, and even short-haired types like your Frenchie’s can do so significantly depending on the season.
When your French bulldog starts losing hair, it can become one of your worst fears, especially if you can’t figure out its cause. However, being aware of the potential causes is helpful because it will allow you to respond fast and take action to take care of it.

This is why we’ve decided to assist you by discussing the possible causes of a French bulldog’s hair loss problem and how you may improve and care for your Frenchie’s fur coat.

Why is my French bulldog losing hair?

1. Seasonal Baldness:

Seasonal baldness or hair loss in French Bulldogs is also known as flank alopecia. This disorder can be triggered by a lack of exposure to sunlight in French bulldogs. It occurs most commonly during the colder months when UV radiation is much less. This ailment is characterized by the presence of black and bald areas on your Frenchie’s body. The baldness and black patches are caused by a lack of the hormone known as melatonin.
Frenchies with this form of hair loss need a therapeutic intervention, like exposure to light. You can also treat this condition with melatonin supplementations.

2. Allergies:
Frenchies are susceptible to various material, environmental, and dietary allergies. This may cause skin irritations, making them itch, bite, and chew on their fur, causing hair loss.
Since allergies in French bulldogs are frequent, you must determine whether your dog is losing hair due to any of these allergies. Watch their reactions whenever they finish eating a treat, as well as how they react after a walk or bath.

3. Dermatitis and Acral lick dermatitis
In addition to exposure to environmental allergens, some drugs might result in dermatitis. Furthermore, Frenchie frequently experiences it when certain chemicals come into contact with their skin. For instance, chemicals in laundry detergent, floor cleaners, and other household cleaning supplies could cause dermatitis in your French bulldog. Your Frenchie may also experience dermatitis due to the type of shampoo it uses.
Hair loss in your French bulldog could also be brought on by acral lick dermatitis. It is a condition when a dog excessively licks one or more parts of his body resulting in hair loss.

4. Bacteria Infections:
Numerous types of germs and yeast reside on canine skin. However, these diseases can occasionally be a major cause of your French bulldog’s hair loss. This is because infections may sometimes develop acne, redness, and hair loss in the skin of Frenchies.

5. Mange:
It is a skin disease caused by mites. Two types of mange can affect dogs: sarcoptic and demodectic. Sarcoptic mange is the most popular and most contagious. Mange causes rashes, redness, hair loss, sores, lesions, and scaled skin. It is usually treated using oral antibiotics, lotions, and shampoos.


How do you take care of your Frenchie’s coat?

First, a healthy diet! A well-balanced diet is a secret to a dog’s immunity, which will show through his coat. Additionally, it’s necessary to practice good hygiene.

Your Frenchie needs to have his coat combed at least twice weekly and bathed once monthly. Follow these short instructions, and you should be able to avoid hair loss in your Frenchies while also making their coats look shiny and clean.

If you see any of the symptoms mentioned above or have cause to believe your pet is losing hair, consult a professional or contact the french bulldog breeder from which you got the puppy.
However, you must know that proper breeding and grooming techniques are the foundations of any dog’s skin health and welfare. If you want to adopt a French bulldog puppy that has been properly fed and groomed, you can look into the French bulldog breeders in New Braunfels listed here.