Are Your Ready To Own A French Bulldog?

Here are some things you need to know about French Bulldogs before you purchase one.

Are You Ready To Buy A Frenchie?

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Do you have time to train and socialize a puppy?

Potty training requires you to adhere to a strict schedule of getting up early and sometimes in the middle of the night. Do you have the patience?

Does your lifestyle fit a dog?

You might want a dog, but think about how many hours a week you work. Do you have to travel often? Is your house pet proof?

Are you financially ready?

You want to be sure you'll give your new family member the best care possible

Can you commit to a pet for the next decade or longer?

It's important that you can commit to taking care of this Frenchie for its entire life. We are only looking to place our dogs into forever homes

Is the place where you live suitable for a dog?

While the Frenchie doesn't require tons of space, it's important to be sure the dog is allowed where you are and that you have a long-term situation planned

Do you have children?

Adding a baby French Bulldog to the mix is just like having another child. Be sure your children are at a good place to accept a new member of the family

Are you up for basic dog care?

Breeds like the French Bulldog will require help with their basic hygiene regimen

Common French Bulldog Health Problems

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All dogs are susceptible to health problems, many of which depend on their age, diet, and care. Some breeds, like the French Bulldog must be bred in a responsible and caring manner. Our first priority is always the health of the dogs!!!
Health and DNA testing help guide us through the process of bettering the breed. When choosing a French bulldog to become part of your family be sure to choose a responsible breeder.
We love our French Bulldogs like family and ensure they are getting the best care and living in a family environment.

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French Bulldogs are friendly, playful, and full of personality. They’re also utterly adorable, whether puppy or adult. Unfortunately, the French Bulldog and health problems often go hand in hand, as many Frenchies tend to suffer from one, or more health conditions that commonly affect the breed.
If you’re considering adopting a French Bulldog, you should be aware of French Bulldog common health problems. These conditions can range from easy to treat to severe issues that may require continuing veterinary care, medications, surgery, and more. Breeding has led to genetic abnormalities that can cause health problems, like hip dysplasia, respiratory issues, and eye and ear infections.

French Bulldogs Are Quirky And Playful

Suitable for families with or without children, they can also get along with cats and other pets if properly introduced. French Bulldogs rarely bark and, while they need some exercise, they don’t require much, making them popular among city dwellers.
You should be prepared for some hands-on cleaning and grooming rituals, and your schedule should allow for lots of time spent at home to prevent separation anxiety, which French Bulldogs can be prone to.
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