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Opie is a male French bulldog with a charming personality. With his striking blue and white coat, he turns heads wherever he goes. Filled with energy and playfulness, Opie enjoys long walks and exploring the outdoors. Despite his small size, he has a big heart and loves cuddling up with his favorite humans. Opie brings so much joy and laughter to his family, making him an integral part of their lives. With his adorable looks and friendly nature, Opie is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loving and loyal furry friend.



Meet clay our adorable blue merle male French Bulldog! With stunning blue and gray patches on his coat, he is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. This little guy is full of charm and charisma, with a playful and friendly personality that will melt your heart. He loves to be the center of attention and enjoys socializing with both humans and other dogs. Despite his small size, he has a big personality and is always up for adventures and playtime. He is looking for a loving home where he will be showered with affection and become an inseparable part of your family. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring this delightful blue merle French Bulldog into your life!



Meet this adorable blue male French Bulldog puppy! With his striking blue coat, he is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. He has a playful and friendly personality, making him a perfect addition to any family. Despite his small size, he is full of energy and loves to explore the world around him. His expressive eyes and cute flat face are irresistible, melting hearts wherever he goes. From his compact build to his charming personality, this blue male French Bulldog puppy is ready to bring joy and happiness to his new forever home!



TIG is an adorable blue and fawn merle French bulldog puppy with a zest for life. With his striking fawn colored coat and unique merle markings, he is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. TIG is a playful and energetic . Despite his small stature, he has a big personality and a heart full of love. TIG is intelligent and quick to learn.



Gemma is a merle-colored female French Bulldog with a vibrant personality. With her striking coat patterns and expressive eyes, she captivates everyone she meets. This little canine beauty is full of energy and loves to play and explore. Gemma is known for her fun-loving nature and sweet personality.

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Natty is a lovable female French bulldog with a stunning blue and white coat. Her playful personality and adorable appearance make her a beloved companion. She enjoys chasing after her favorite toys, and snuggling up with her humans. Natty loves to learn new tricks and is always eager to please. With her endearing charm and unwavering loyalty, she brings endless joy to those around her. Natty is a true bundle of furry happiness that brightens the lives of everyone she meets.

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