What Causes Hives In French Bulldogs And How To Treat It?

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Like many other Brachycephalic breeds, Frenchie’s are prone to allergies and skin and ear issues. In fact, allergies and skin infections are the biggest problems with parenting a French bulldog.
Frenchie’s are susceptible to various skin infections like folliculitis, hives, and dermatitis. Hives are most likely among the more common allergic skin reactions a French Bulldog can have. Frenchies’ hives are typically not life-threatening. However, it is very important that you know about them, their causes, symptoms, and treatment methods.

What are hives?

Hives, or urticaria as it is known medically, are allergic reactions that cause itchy bumps on the skin of Frenchies and other dog breeds. Generally speaking, cells release antimicrobial compounds due to the body overreacting to an allergen.
This cell release is a part of the immune system’s reaction, which usually involves activating inflammatory cells to fend off what it sees as an impending attack.
Hives are normally dime-sized bumps that can appear anywhere on a Frenchie’s body, including the face, eyes, shoulders, and hips.
What causes hives in French bulldogs?
The following are typical causes of Frenchie’s hives:
6. Stings and bites from insect
7. allergens in the environment.
8. Food allergies.
9. Reaction to a vaccination.
10. Significant ear infections.
11. Various chemicals, including the dog’s unhygienic cosmetics.
12. Plant-related allergic response.

What are the symptoms of hives in French bulldogs?

The type of pet and the degree of the allergy will determine how dogs respond to hives. It’s wonderful that some dogs don’t bother the bumps. But unfortunately, some dogs bite and scratch the hives making the condition worse.

Additionally, French bulldogs may exhibit mild to severe hives symptoms. Breathing problems and the development of significant areas of swelling and redness are severe symptoms. Additionally, the dog may get enlarged, swollen, or even closed eyes.

Itchiness, drooling, heavy breathing, lethargic states, and loss of coordination are other symptoms that will vary depending on how strongly the allergen was consumed.

How to treat hives in French bulldogs?

1. Pay a visit to your vet:
Your veterinarian will administer the right antihistamines dose to your Frenchie once you and he have identified the likely cause. Additionally, one of the most prescribed medications by veterinarians is Benadryl; however, you are not advised to take it on your own. Instead, your veterinarian or another specialist must prescribe it at the proper dosage.

2. Try a relief lotion:
You can also apply an anti-itch topical treatment like calamine lotion to relieve irritated areas. Since calamine lotion doesn’t irritate the skin, it can be used around your dog’s muzzle and close to the eyes. But, naturally, before using any cure or lotion, make sure to ask your veterinarian if it’s a good choice.

3. Immediate cleaning:

This approach is more of a preventive than a treatment method. If your French bulldog’s skin comes into contact with an allergy in the environment, It will help if you quickly rinse his coat. Never use hot water, it could worsen the infection, but warm water will soothe your Frenchie.

4. Try shampoo washing:
Giving them an oatmeal shampoo wash is one of the most popular dog care advice for dogs with hives in such situations. Shampoo washing lessens itching, which prevents scratching.


Hives and other infections are very common in French bulldogs and other Brachycephalic breeds. However, if treated earlier, they do not lead to life-threatening situations. Still, Frenchies require a lot of home maintenance, regular trips to the vet, allergy testing, food trials, allergy immunizations, and regular medication as part of the pet parent adventure.

Furthermore, proper breeding information is key to raising any Frenchie. Therefore, ensure you are well informed on different French bulldog health facts before adopting one. Additionally, if you plan to adopt a healthy, clean, and well-bred Frenchie puppy, you can check out these French bulldog breeders around the San Antonio area.