French Bulldogs Pregnancy: Care, &, Diet

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When a french bulldog is pregnant, it can be a fun-filled ride, but it can also demand a lot of responsibilities because pregnant French bulldogs require the maximum level of care. Your fluffy pet needs specific care and nutrition during this time to produce a healthy litter of puppies.

Therefore, you have to see to it that she is safe, well, and healthy as she goes through this phase. This is why this blog post will discuss the meals, care, and things to expect for French bulldogs during pregnancy.

What are the signs of Pregnancy in French Bulldogs?

• Morning sickness that starts about 20 days after fertilization and lasts for a few days.
• Decreased activity.
• Behavioral change.
• Change in appetite ( mainly a decrease).
• Growing belly size. This could occur in as little as two weeks.
• Bigger nipples.
• Pink discharge.

How long does French bulldog pregnancy last?

When compared to human pregnancy, a dog’s gestation is comparatively short. Dogs typically gestate for about 63 days after conception, though this might vary by several days, but it must be at least 58 days.
Stages of pregnancy in French bulldogs Your dog’s body will go through many stages throughout pregnancy. These stages are divided into a certain number of days which are:

Stage 1( 1st-6th week):

Your Frenchie won’t require any more calories to increase her energy during this stage of pregnancy. During this time, the pregnant dog only needs to consume a complete, high-quality, well-balanced meal.
Several dogs do not exhibit many signs throughout the first stage of their pregnancy. However, during the first month, some signs to look out for

Include the following:
• Appetite growth
• Behavioral change.
• Clear vaginal discharge (around week four)
• Bigger nipples.

Stage 2(6th-9th week):
Given that her puppies are now beginning to grow, the pregnant Frenchie requires more energy and protein-rich meals because she is eating for two.
The second stage of gestation is a time of rapid fetal development. By now, eyelids have begun to form, and toes are already showing. The claws have developed, and the coat and skeleton are formed a few days later( around day 45).

You can also take an ultrasound of your dog’s abdomen at this time. The radiologist will inform you of the anticipated number of puppies. Your dog will need to increase her protein intake to increase her energy level depending on how many puppies she has.

Caring for your pregnant french bulldog

While caring for your pregnant Frenchie, you must watch out that she doesn’t become too overheated or cold. You can help maintain her ideal body temperature much easier by providing her with a self-cooling vest and collars. However, these must not be too tight for the pregnant pet.
Most importantly, while certain pregnant French bulldogs could require different nutrients, giving them all at once is not a good idea. Only your veterinarian should be able to advise you on the kinds and dosages of nutrients your dog needs.

What are the diets required during Frenchie pregnancies?

A high-quality, easily digestible diet is necessary for a pregnant French bulldog. More vitamins, proteins, and minerals should be consumed during this time to increase her energy. During the early stages of pregnancy, she will need folic acid(folate), together with cobalamin (B12) and Pyridoxine (B6), for healthy growth of the fetus and neural tubes. Water is also very important for hydration.

It is a general rule to feed the expectant pet 10% more weekly energy until delivery. By consuming more nutrients, she will be able to get all the vitamins and minerals she needs to stay strong while giving birth.

As the pregnancy progresses, keeping an eye on your dog’s health is crucial because each stage is unique. You should be aware of changes in muscle tone and other physical characteristics that may develop during pregnancy as opposed to those that do not. Additionally, do not forget that their nourishment is crucial for preserving their health and vigor.

We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of pregnant French bulldogs and how to care for them. To know more about pregnant french bulldogs, check for available Frenchie puppies near you or contact our French bulldog breeding service today.