Things You Need to Know Before Bringing Home A French Bulldog

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What Should I know about French Bulldogs Before I Purchase One?

For many, a dog is like having a child. They’re loyal and funny and love to snuggle. And as they get older, they become more complex and exciting — training them can be challenging but rewarding. French bulldog puppies are great small dogs for families and professional environments with limited space for other pets because they do not shed hair or require a high level of care.

But you might not know that French bulldogs have some potentially horrifying health issues that include breathing problems, epilepsy, heart disease, eye abnormalities, skin problems (such as allergies), and not to mention their cumbersome wrinkles!

Unless you’re in the market for a new furry friend, chances are you have no idea what a French Bulldog looks like. These wrinkly-faced dogs are often called “Frenchie” or “French Bulldogs,” but they hail from England! If you’re looking to buy a Frenchie, there’s some information you need to know before bringing this pup home.

This post covers the basics of what to know if you’re considering buying a Frenchie in Texas and includes information about their personality traits and little tips on taking care of them.

French Bulldogs are a Brachycephalic Dog Breed:

The smushed-in face of a French Bulldog is its most distinguishing characteristic after its large ears. Because of these distinctive facial features, Frenchies are thought to be a brachycephalic or Short-nosed breed, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Additionally, they tend to have respiratory problems caused by nasal and tracheal passages that are too small, a soft palate that is too long, or sacs in the voice box that turn outward. Therefore, you must ensure that they have an easier time breathing. Also, you must be extra careful with your Frenchie when it’s hot or working out hard.

  • Watch out! They can be prone to Obesity

When you get a Frenchie, you should remember that keeping track of its weight is very important. Weight control is essential for these dogs because being overweight can make their brachycephalic airway disease symptoms worse, cause orthopedic problems, and even expose them to danger for diseases they are not more likely to get.

Therefore, to avoid Obesity, put a good diet at the top of your list and make sure to walk your dog every day.

They can’t handle being alone:

Even though some dog breeds can be left alone for a while, the French bulldog is not one of them.

They quickly get very attached to their owners, and if they are left alone for a long time, they get worried and stressed. If you can’t always be with them, you should leave them with their breeder(.

They have difficulty mating:

Other than the French Bulldog community, not many folks know that Frenchies can’t mate naturally. This is because their hips aren’t huge. For them to have babies, a stud’s sperm has to be put into a female in a lab. Also, the woman won’t be able to give birth naturally. Therefore she will need a Cesarean section. This is partly why most French bulldog breeders in Texas charge a lot for their puppies.

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French Bulldogs can be loud

They can be loud and bark when they see other people or smaller animals entering the house. Typically, they may not make good guard dogs due to this tendency, but they do make good watchdogs due to their loyalty towards their owners and the constant attention they get from them.

French Bulldog dogs are not the most energetic pups out there:

Although they can be active when they choose to be, they are pretty lazy and will only do the bare minimum to survive each day, so don’t expect much exercise or activity from your pup.


French bulldogs are as adorable and powerful an addition to your family as they can be. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, and dedicated to their family. They make great pets for active people and families who would like a dog that loves the company of the humans in their homes.

However, you should know there’s much to think about before bringing that cute French Bulldog puppies home. But once you think through the essential considerations, it will make your dog’s life easier and your decision to adopt the adorable puppy all the more worthwhile.