About the French Bulldog Breed

Are You Interested In Purchasing A French Bulldog? Here Is Some Information About The French Bulldog Breed

The French bulldog is a type of dog with broad bat ears and a calm demeanour. The name “French” comes from how it became popular in France and other places with French-speaking people. They were bred for many purposes, such as herding, hunting, ratters, and companionship. French Bulldogs have been in the top ten most registered breeds since 2007, with more than one million registered dogs worldwide.
But what do we know about this one-of-a-kind dog breed? Read through this blog post to discover more secrets about this canine breed.

What Does A French Bulldog Look Like?

The oversized bat-like ears which add so much cuteness to this cuddly creature are one of its trademark physical characteristics.
They have a muscular, compact build with solid bones.Their heads are huge and square. Their eyes are small and dark and are located directly above the muzzle. They have broad chests, muscular necks, and silky, soft coats in various hues.They have a wrinkly, almost flat face with a short, generally black muzzle. Their tails are often short, straight, or screwed.

What Types OF Health Issues Do French Dogs Have?

Some of the most typical health issues that French Bulldogs experience include allergies and brachycephalic airway syndrome.Furthermore, when older than 2 to 3 years old, French Bulldogs frequently experience spinal issues (such as IVDD or intervertebral disc disease).

What Is The Average Weight And Height Of  A French Bulldog?

A male Frenchie should be between 19 and 29 Ibs, and a female French Bulldog should be between 18 and 28 Ibs, depending on frame and height. They also measure roughly 18-22 inches from nose to bum.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

Generally, French Bulldogs have an average lifespan of 10 – 13 years. However, the longest recorded life span was 18 years.It is also known that smaller dog breeds live longer than larger ones. Since Frenchies are  typically small to medium-sized breeds, they live longer than giant dogs.

French bulldogs for sale in Texas

What’s The Average Price Of  A French Bulldog?

The cost of adopting French bulldog puppies in Austin is between $1800 and $4500. This price varies when the adoption is done through different channels like rescues, breeders or shelters.
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What Makes French Bulldogs Unique?

The French Bulldog breed has a long and distinguished history in France, dating back to the late 18th century. They are adorable, playful, and family-friendly. They have recently gained popularity worldwide due to their irresistible cuteness and bat-like ears. This is why many potential Frenchie owners are looking for breeders to adopt one from. If you want to know more about this dog breed, check out these French Bulldog breeders in Austin and Surrounding cities in Texas.

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